Results from the 2020 Club Championship

It was a rainy start to the first day of competition for the HFCC Club Championship but that didn’t affect the play of the first place winners. 

Congratulations to the Champions!  

2020 Ladies Club Champion, Allison Hathaway (in purple) shown here congratulating ladies runner up, Kristen DelRosario. These ladies kept it tied up until the final putt. It was an exciting match and some great golf from both ladies.

HFCC Ladies Club Champion

Ladies Final Results

1st: Allison Hathaway

2nd: Kristen DelRosario

Net: Traci Greene

2020 Men's Club Champion, Cory Jozefiak maintained a slight lead over 2019 Club Champion, Mat Smith throughout the tournament, ultimately snagging the honor of Club Champion.

HFCC Club Champion Cory Jozefiak

Mens Final Results

Championship Flight

1st: Cory Jozefiak

2nd: Mat Smith

Net: Bill Suite

1st Flight

1st: Steve Wilson

2nd: Steve Hathaway

Net: Pete Martin

2nd Flight

1st: Brady Hathaway

2nd: John Curtis Whitman

Net: Brian Rice

Our 2020 Junior Club Champion, Aiden Fleming dominated the field during the Junior Club Championship match held on Thursday, Sept. 3rd, shooting a 39. Great job to Aiden and all the Junior golfers!

Juniors Final Results

1st: Aiden Fleming

2nd: Dylan Callahan & Alex Shea

3rd: Brady Mann

4th: Carson Glover

5th: Jackson Shea

It’s all fun and games until tournament times comes around for the Hathaway family. 

Allison held onto her title as Club Champion for the 2nd year in a row, while her brother Brady took first place in his flight!  Not to be outdone by his children, dad Steve, claimed the 2nd place spot in his flight!  Congratulations Hathaway family!

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